Program Delivery : A multi-form of instruction has been adopted, comprising of :

Print material :  Study material for all subjects, which are supplied in the form of books at additional cost.

Counseling Sessions : Will be held at Study centers, to suit the convenience of the students.

Practical Sessions : Will also be held at the Study centers.

Assignments : For assessment, evaluation and for feedback of comprehension of study material.

Project work : To enable the candidate to gain an insight to independent working on a practical project.

Credit System : The University follows the ‘Credit System’ for its under-graduate and post-graduate programs. Each credit entails approximately 30 hours of study comprising of all activities. Thus, a 2-credit course involves 60 study hours and 4-credit course involves 120 study hours. This helps the students to understand the academic efforts he / she have to put in suitably to complete the course.

The Grade System : For each semester, Grade System as given in the table below is adopted for declaration of results for the award of class for the degrees of all courses, the cumulative performance of the candidates in all the semesters will be considered.

Instructional System : The methodology of instruction in this Open University is different from that of the conventional Universities. The Open University system is more learner-Oriented, so much so, the student has to be invariably an active participant in the teaching-learning process. Most of the instructions are imparted

Class AwardedClass AwardedClass AwardedClass Awarded
DistinctionAExcellent75% & More
I ClassBVery Good60% to 74%
II ClassCGood50% to 59%
PassDSatisfactory40% to 49%
FailEFailedbelow 40%
through distance rather than face-to-face communication. The University follows a multi-channel approach for instructions suitably combining of the following.
  • Self-instructional Printed Material.
  • Audio and Video Cassettes.
  • CD’s in Multimedia.
  • Audio-video programs Transmitted through Radio and Doordarshan.
  • Website Information
  • Face-to-face counselling at study Centers by Academic Counsellors

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