Philosophy & Instructional System


Academic Counselling

Counselling is an important activity which is different from conventional classroom teaching. Counsellors answer candidates question in these sessions besides clarifying their doubts to help them overcome difficulties, which they may face while going through the text books. These counseling sessions also give candidates an opportunity to interact with their peers.


Assignments are an integral component of distance education. Assignments serve the purpose of evaluating the candidate’s comprehension skills. The local counselors evaluate these assignments and also provide feedback on the student’s performance. A copy of the evaluated assignment will be shown to the students by the coordinator as a part of learning activity.

Practical Sessions

Depending upon the subject, an optimal amount of practical training is also imparted to the students.

Project Report

The candidate must also prepare a project report as a part of the curriculum requirement for Post Graduate and the Under Graduate courses and submit the same during the respective final semesters for evaluation and assessment

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