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My aim and goal is to achieve in education and to extend my services to the society in this changing age, to provide not only academic skills, but also the practical knowledge to make the young men and women to become achieves in global competitions. Today’s need is self-empowerment, because the world is changing every day, the education should make them fit them to face the challenges of the present day world.

At Osteen College we provide the students an education which enables them to achieve personal standards of excellence in academic domain as well as supportive areas like physical, cultural, social and ethical aiming towards a full personality development equipping them to emerge as trend-setters to hit the headlines across the country  and even the world.

In today’s global economy all organizations, no matter how large or small, operate in a dynamic and complex environment.

There are many universities/ colleges offering MBAs in India as well as across the world that are just another master’s degree in business. We believe Osteen College of Management is unique in itself and offers a platform that helps you to present your career to a large set of groups in general. You bring your own experiences in business to the learning process, and have the space to reflect and develop your strengths and eliminate your weakness, and in the process establish a personal development plan for the future.

For those who aspire to succeed but don’t yet have the relevant work experience we have universities offering the opportunity to take any program by Online Support. B-school focuses on Accounting, Administration, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Public Relations, Strategy, Human Resources Management and Quantitative Courses.

B.V. Srikumar

Founder and President

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