Physics Chemistry & Methematics

INR 2999

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    Duration: 51 Weeks
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    Computer & OMR Based

Key Feachers

  • Prepares you for any Medical entrance exam

  • Personalized Detailed Analysis

  • Personalized error practice questions

iON Digital PrepTest Summary

iON Digital PrepTest is a concept improvement program with the following objectives:

Objective 1: Improve the student’s conceptual understandingiON Digital PrepTest provides a series of weekly practice tests for conceptual understanding. Nationwide benchmark exams are conducted at defined intervals to assess students where they stand in the competition. Please click here to view Benchmark Test Centers.

Objective 2: Address specific areas of improvement, personalized to studentA detailed performance analysis personalized to the student will be provided after every benchmark exam. This report covers various aspects like competency analysis, comparative analysis, time management, behavioral analysis, distractor analysis and exam taking strategy.

Practice questions are provided to the students post each benchmark exam for every mistake committed during the exam. This helps them to overcome their mistakes and strengthen their weak areas.

An improvement exam is conducted to measure the student’s improvement over benchmark exam.

Objective 3: Prepare the student to excel in any entrance examRepetition of above cycle helps the students to overcome their exam fear and makes them perfect in the core concepts.

Apart from the core subjects, practice tests on Aptitude and English are provided which plays a vital role for many important competitive exams.

The rigor of this improvement program enables students to attain an overall strength in all the concepts and makes them excel in any Engineering entrance exam.

Competency Improvement Cycle for Class XII


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